Helwa Beauty & Saloon Training Institute

        Helwa Beauty and Saloon Training Institute is a Classic Brilliant College located at Stadium besides Marathon Lodge Hotel,a convenient place for most people in Mombasa.

         It is well known not only for its provision of High Quality Tutorials but also for its production of Professional Beauty and Saloon experts who start their own successful businesses after completing the course. The college is equipped with dedicated teachers who are excellent in their subject matter and have great tutoring skills. 

         Thanks to SkillzMitaani, the college has taught many students from different social classes and ensured that they all completed and got full mastery of the course. Those who have completed the course are offered a Verified Certificate showing course mastery that helps them in getting jobs easily and some even start their own businesses.

          To be an expert in this field,one needs to combine the skills taught and creativity,which many think it is something that is only found in some but that is not the case.Luckily, our teachers help the students in unlocking their creativity by exposing them to different styles and designs that a particular beauty task could have been done. With this, the students get to their full potential and be open-minded.

           The Course normally takes about 4 to 6 months.The College teaches both beauty and hairdressing units and the Course breakdown is as follows:


Beauty Units

Hair Dressing Units

All Ladies are welcomed for Application

Helwa Beauty Saloon, 

          Helping you unlock your inner creativity.