Helwa Beauty & Saloon Training Institute.

Professional Stylists

Top ranked Beauty Training Institute in the town.Our college is popular for its latest, modern and updated tutorials.

Upon completion of the course,students are given a Certificate showing course mastery and completion.

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Our dedicated teachers ensure that each student has understood each unit of the course before proceeding.

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High quality and Interactive tutorialsĀ 

Helping You

Unlock your inner creativity

To be an expert in this field,one needs to combine the skills taught and CREATIVITY, which many think that it is only gifted to some but that is not the case.

Luckily,our instructors help the students spark their creativity by exposing them to a variety of designs and styles that a particular beauty task could have been done.With this,the students get to their full potential.

Zeinab - Alumni

“I joined Helwa Beauty & Saloon Training Institute via the help of SkillzMitaani.

Little did I know that I was opening a portal for great things to happen in my life.Besides the training equipping me with the quality skills required in the field,it unlocked the potentials I had and made me believe in myself.That was not the end of it,the college helped me start my own business that I am running now.May God bless you for your great work!”

Zeinab Abdulrahim Mohamed- Our Alumna

Fatma- Our Alumni

“I am proud of the skills I learnt and most importantly Helwa Beauty & Saloon Training Institute helped me in securing my job.

Dear ladies you will never regret this,give it a try. “

Fatma Swaleh Ahmed - Our Alumna

nawal test

” Helwa Beauty & Saloon Training Institute has done great wonders and helped huge numbers of youths earn their living in Mombasa.

I urge any lady not to hesitate in applying for the course offered by the college.A bright future will be the result!!”

Nawal Ahmed Awadh - Our Alumna

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